Friday Fight: Is Or Is Not Jimmy Fallon The Worst

gabe: ok
gabe: jimmy fallon is untalented
gabe: and does not deserve the job of late night talk show host
gabe: end of fight
lindsay: What qualities do you think a good talk show host should have?
gabe: i think that a good talk show host should be witty
gabe: and an interesting person in their own right
lindsay: Didn’t you once think Jimmy Fallon was talented?
gabe: no

lindsay: when he was on SNL
lindsay: Like when he said “I’m Carson Daly and I’m a massive tool.” You loved that!
gabe: the people who liked him were adolescent girls who thought he was attractive
lindsay: You had to
gabe: what? why did i have to?
gabe: he cracked up in every scene
gabe: he did’nt have any memorable characters
lindsay: I loved when he cracked up.
lindsay: It was often the funniest part of the show.
gabe: no it wasn’t
gabe: it made him likeable and seem like soemone you could hang out with
gabe: but that doesn’t make him even remotely funny
lindsay: You don’t like him because he’s good looking and all his dreams came true.
lindsay: That’s why guys don’t like him
gabe: he’s been famous since he was like 18
gabe: he hasn’t had time to have dreams
gabe: am i jealous of him for his hair?
gabe: YES
lindsay: if he wasn’t good looking, you would all at least not hate him
gabe: i have no problem admitting that i would love to have jimmy fallon’s haircut
lindsay: I know a dude who hates the Josh character on 30 Rock JUST because he’s based on Jimmy Fallon.
gabe: that’s stupid
lindsay: My position is that he’s not The Absolute Worst that every guy with a blog thinks he is
gabe: give me a break
lindsay: And that you’re all jealous
gabe: i’m jealous of a lot of people way more than i’m jealous of jimmy fallon
gabe: i personally do not want to host a night time talk show
lindsay: Yes you do
gabe: haha
lindsay: You were up for that job
gabe: AND
gabe: i support people getting what they want in life if they deserve it
gabe: i do not think that is the case here
gabe: instead of telling me what i am
gabe: which is jealous and stupid, apparently
gabe: why don’t you actualy defend what makes jimmy fallon deserving of the job
lindsay: Do you like Carson Daly more?

gabe: no
gabe: but you can’t throw someone else horrible in my face as proof that he deserves the job
gabe: i don’t hate jimmy fallon as a person i just don’t htink that he’s done anything to warrant him getting a highly visible job currently being done by a super talented person
gabe: conan
lindsay: come on, Taxi was great
lindsay: just kidding
gabe: haha
lindsay: Well, I don’t think he’s going to be the next conan, I think he’s going to be the next Leno
lindsay: bland, enthusiastic
gabe: i mean, isn’t that kind of the point
gabe: of why people are unhappy with the decision
gabe: is that there are so many unique and interesting people outthere who could make a great show
gabe: and theyr’e basically giving us a younger version of Leno?
lindsay: Who do you think would make the best Conan replacement?
lindsay: Tracy Morgan.
lindsay: Am I right?
gabe: he would be amazing
gabe: but he’s too unhinged to do a nightly show
gabe: and talk to human beings

lindsay: He would just talk about himself.
lindsay: It would be great
gabe: yeah, it would be an amazing show
lindsay: He wouldn’t know who anyone was
gabe: or care
gabe: jack macbrayer could do it
gabe: we’ll probably just cycle through the entire cast of 30 Rock
gabe: john mulaney should be the next conan

lindsay: John Mulaney would be amazing, yes
lindsay: or Amy Sedaris
lindsay: Maybe Jimmy Fallon will just have people on and giggle.
lindsay: That would be genius
lindsay: Move over Andy Kaufman!
gabe: wow
gabe: really?
gabe: you’re comparing him to Andy Kauffman?
lindsay: I would tune in to watch that.
gabe: why? because you’re stupid?
lindsay: No I’m comparing me and my ideas to andy kaufman.
gabe: you are a poor man’s andy kauffman rip off, yes
lindsay: Maybe they should have had a youtube contest
lindsay: for a regular guy
lindsay: that would be awful
gabe: ew
gabe: like that Jesse guy from MTV

gabe: he should do it
lindsay: Yes!!
lindsay: where the hell is he?
gabe: i think he died
gabe: i’m pretty sure if jesse camp took over for conan everyone would be satisfied
lindsay: There’s a rumor that The Office’s BJ Novak was in talks for the job

gabe: i think we both agree that he got too big for his britches on that one
lindsay: He’d be better than fallon but isn’t likeable enough
gabe: wait, he would be better than fallon, but isn’t good enough?
gabe: i think you’re conceding robertson
lindsay: No, I will never concede that Jimmy Fallon is the worst.
gabe: not the worst
lindsay: Dane Cook would be the worst
gabe: but you just said that bj novak would be better than fallon but isn’t right for the job
gabe: which means that fallon can’t be right either
lindsay: Hey, I want someone cool too, but we live in the real world where old people watch late night shows and want a Nice Boy like Jimmy Fallon.
lindsay: I take that back it sounds like I’m conceding
lindsay: I won last week and I want to keep up my streak of kicking your ass.
gabe: well first of all you already conceded
gabe: and second of all your argument seems to me to be that we should all be satisfied with mediocrity because that’s the world we live in
gabe: i’m not surprised that people like jimmy fallon are very successful
gabe: but that doesn’t mean i have to like it
lindsay: Want to hear more reality show ideas? “May God Strike Me Dead” which is the moment of truth but with electrocution for lies.
[gabe has logged off]
lindsay: u there?
lindsay: hello?