Cute As Balls: Heroic Faceless Man Saves Baby Deer

Everything about this video of a man who woke up to find a young deer trapped in his fence is just wonderful, and I don’t use that phrase lightly when referring to viral video about animals (though I do use “Cute As Balls” lightly, apparently). If this video were a TV show, it would have a warning: “Contains scenes that may be too intense for children,” which is a warning I usually heed. It’s educational (deer can scream?), heartwarming (mankind reaches out to the deer community), suspenseful (will the deer know that the man is trying to save him and not kill him?) sweet as all get out (the man’s gentle comforting words to the deer are so “aww!”) and, finally, heroic. Can I nominate the last ten seconds of this for best spontaneously filmed online video accidental action movie ending ever?

This was better than the Hancock trailer.