Dutch Pedophile Comedian: “Stop It With The Death Threats Already!”

In the continuing saga of “Creepy Dutch Pedophile Singer Who Turned Out To Be A Comedian Doing A Comedy Sketch-gate,” the comedian in question, Paul De Leeuw, has been doing a flurry of interviews this week with European papers and TV about the death threats he’s been getting in YouTube comments and in his personal email (though “death threat” is really only one of two types of YouTube comments, the other one being “shit LOL ROTFL your hitler”). Our Belgian tipster, Anthony, sent over a bunch of newspaper links like this one that aren’t in English, so he translated one of De Leeuw’s quotes for us.

The clip is more than ten years old, has been rediscovered by total strangers who know nothing about me and assume it must be malicious because it’s Dutch. We didn’t want it (the clip) taken down out of fear for a “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”-reaction”.

Wait, do Dutch people think Americans hate them? But they have Amsterdam, tulips, and wooden shoes! Let’s all cool off and accept that no little boys were harmed in the making of that clip before this becomes an International Incident. Because you guys were totally the ones threatening Paul De Leeuw’s life. So just stop.