New Lost Mysteries Revealed

Anyone who watches Lost knows that every episode is full of amazing mysteries, and last night’s episode probably ranks in the Top 5 of “Great Episodes For Mysteries And Stuff.” The internet is full of comprehensive web resources (web resources, what have we become?) to delve as deep into the rabbit hole (“deep into the rabbit hole” … I am the third Wachowski brother, except instead of becoming a woman, I became a guy who killed himself) as you’d like. Videogum will never be able to keep up with all of the mysteries when there are supernerds out there who are being paid by Charles Widmore himself to keep tabs on what is up.

Except for one mystery.

Who are all these other people on the island all the time? They’re supposedly other survivors from Oceanic Flight 815, but apparently while Jack is the leader, Sawyer is the rebel, Kate is the freckles, and Claire is the mom, the other survivors have fallen into less interesting roles, like guy who gets firewood, and lady who ties a bandana around her head. Last night’s episode was full of new mysteries! SPOILER ALERT: a bunch of the new mysteries get killed.

This guy. Total mystery.

This guy who I think was on his way to Williamsburg when the plane crashed.

FORESHADOWING: Does this mystery look like he would be easy to shoot? Like if he was crouching down?

Finally, Lost manages to tie up a loose end as the “Firewood Guy” storyline comes to a close.

OK, this is not a mystery survivor. I just really liked the “realistic” Tikrit, Iraq set.

SPOILER ALERT: Say goodbye to the mysterious I-Hear-Bullets-Better-Run-Outside-Lady.

This mystery makes me laugh every time. As Alex Blagg of BWE pointed out, “What has he been doing on the island the whole time, tax adjusting?” Well, not anymore.

And next week on Lost, SO MANY NEW MYSTERIES: