Top 3 Pieces Of Iron Man Fan Art From The Iron Man Movie Homepage

Last year’s breakout hit at Sundance has finally gotten distribution, and the little superhero movie that could is going to hit art house theaters next week. One way in which the visionaries behind Iron Man used their creativity to market the movie, since they didn’t really have any money, was to put fan art up on the homepage. The groundswell of support for Iron Man resulted in 12 whole drawings of the hero pouring into the site (I heard it crashed their homemade server) in an unprecedented grass roots campaign.

I’ve painstakingly weeded through all 12 images to bring you the top three.

Gabe Farber

This one is so good. I like to imagine that Tony Stark went to a professional portrait photographer and had this done. “OK, now let me get one with the suit on. And you said you can just blend the two together, right? Perfect. Of course I want wallet-sized.”

Ben Cavers

I can’t tell if this one is making fun of Basquiat, or is actually done by a child. Or, it could be Francois, in which case it’s both. He’s so smart. Did you know he can say Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Lat[gunshot]. Also it’s titled “Iron Man Chillin At…” which is a great title.

Judah R.

Winner! The thing that makes this fan art the best is that it’s actually done by someone who is age appropriate to be both excited about Iron Man and submitting his own drawings to a website about Iron Man. Some of the people on the fan art page really need to start examining their priorities and figuring out if maybe it’s their own choices that are keeping them from having friends and/or moving out of their parents house. I’m looking at you, Gabe Farber.