Last Night’s 30 Rock Frolicked In Uncanny Valley

Last night’s 30 Rock, “Succession,” was ingenious, and not just because it blended two of my favorite things: itself and the 1984 film Amadeus. Fans of the show no doubt delighted in the return of Will Arnett as Jack’s gay rival, seeing Liz Lemon “go corporate,” and the pairing of Tracy and Frank as the Mozart and Salieri of porn video games. It’s almost like the episode was based on a dare to set a prime time sitcom episode to Mozart’s Requiem.

But…what about non-fans? What about people who, after seeing Tina Fey on literally every talk show for the past week promoting Baby Mama, decided to give this 30 Rock show a try for the very first time last night?

Watching the episode for a second time, it becomes clear that no new viewer would have any idea what was going on in an episode based almost entirely on inside jokes, and that’s a problem, because 30 Rock needs new viewers to NOT BE CANCELLED (duh.) Everyone loves inside jokes because they make us feel smart, but until it’s getting ten million viewers, maybe 30 Rock should try to balance them with more inclusive episodes. It’s a sacrifice fans have to make for this show to stay on the air for the rest of our lives. And that’s what we all want, right? Full episode:

But all that said, I absolutely cannot wait to see what they do with Don Giess’s flower-eating daughter as proxy chairman of GE.