The Locator Is Coming To Geeetttt Youuuuuuuu!

This is Troy Dunn, aka “The Locator.” He’s a motivational speaker whose mission is to help people who have never heard of Friendster find their long-lost relatives/friends who have also never heard of Friendster, and the WE channel is giving him his own show:

WE tv is looking for people nationwide to be profiled on the network’s newest docu-series THE LOCATOR. The series follows Troy Dunn, a professional with over 16 years of experience of connecting people, on intense and emotionally-charged journeys to reunite “half the world with the other half” and bring closure to those seeking it.

I’m not saying this show isn’t going to be heartwarming, I’m just saying that if you’re a dude who had unprotected sex on the last day of summer camp in the ’80s and you see this guy coming up your driveway, you might want to run.