The Ultimate Fighter’s Tim Credeur Is Not Done Yet

Last night’s The Ultimate Fighter had a very exciting fight in it, but I don’t post those here. We don’t want to lose our five-year-old-girl audience (our entire audience). Instead I post baby-approved clips that give us a bloodless glimpse into the lives of the contestants. Last night, the match up was between the untested young fighter Matt Riddle, and the more veteran Tim Creuder:

Haha. Is that his Bucket List? He wants so many things. He wants to fight. He wants to battle. He wants to bleed. He wants to feel the punches. He wants to go on African safari. He wants to skydive over the pyramids. He wants to reconnect with his estranged daughter. He wants to make all his jokes based off the Wikipedia Bucket List entry.

My Bucket List only has one item on it: to put the Grim Reaper into a triangle choke and then finish him off with a straight arm bar. That’s it. That’s all I want to do. Oh, and to find a magic lamp and wish for infinite wishes. So, two things.