Really HBO? A Show Called Hung?

The new president of HBO has greenlit her first show, a series from the creators of The Riches called Hung. Guess which of these sentences correctly describes the show:

A) A reality show about the daily life of American Idol reject William Hung.

B) An experimental, flashback-based series that takes place entirely in the mind of a man looking back on his life in the few seconds after he’s been hung, but before he dies.

C) A series based “on a well-endowed man who used to be a sports star in high school and is now fading into mediocrity in his middle-aged years as a father and high school basketball coach. His life starts to turn around when he finds out a way to use his best, private-part asset.”

If you answered C, you should be the president of HBO, running around greenlighting obvious, unimaginative show pitches. It’s like they opened up a slang dictionary, closed their eyes, chose a word, and wrote an entire show around it. And for the love of god, American Beauty came out NINE YEARS AGO, are we still doing this frustrated middle-aged suburban dude sexual awakening thing? I’m mad. I’m actually really angry that this stupid show is going to exist. I’m not even going to hate-watch it.