I Keep Getting Older And The Real World Kids Stay The Same Racist

So, I was going to write a post about last night’s Real World with the theme “How Long Until Sarah Goes Through With Her Obligatory Real World Long Distance Boyfriend Break Up?” It’s a classic Real World storyline, and they were really pushing it last night with lots of her fighting with her boyfriend on the phone, and one of the other roommates hitting on her. But who cares about Sarah’s imploding relationship when you’ve got Kim’s unapologetic racism and classism to enjoy.

Oh man. The only thing better than insulting someone for the social and economic barriers that have been erected against them by centuries of white patriarchy is running to your white friends afterwards and gigglingly repeating all your most offensive, unclever insults. Is there anything more boring than an unimaginative over-privileged white girl? Get back on your pole? Stale. If you guys need me, I’ll be over at College Hill: Atlanta.

Next week: Joey’s Obligatory Real World Drinking Problem Storyline.