James Caan Is Bad At Acting

Yesterday, I requested that you please send me footage of Jake Gyllenhaal and/or Tracy Morgan freaking out on the set of David O. Russell’s new movie Nailed. I also pointed out that the notoriously combative director had already driven James Caan from the set, despite the fact that Caan only had a two day shoot, which isn’t really enough time for anyone to get that deep inside your head (unless the film is directed by psychotherapist Catherine Deane.)

But today, we have news of just what it was that pushed James Caan over the edge.

From IMDB:

Actor James Caan has quit new comedy Nailed after an on-set bust-up with director David O. Russell. The star was hired to join the movie’s South Carolina set for just two days to shoot his role as a U.S. politician who chokes to death on a cookie. But Caan walked off the set on day one, after an argument with Russell. The director reportedly wanted Caan to cough and choke at the same time – but Caan refused, insisting he couldn’t do both.

Haha. It’s the one true test of an actor, like when an apprentice chef has to make the perfect omelet to become king of all the chefs, or whatever. James Caan claiming he can’t cough and choke at the same time sounds like an excuse. If he can play a lead role in Mickey Blue Eyes and not choke to death on his own self-loathing vomit, he can fucking cough while he’s choking. At least on vomit. Maybe it was the cookie that threw him off.