Zip Zap Top Chef

On last night’s Top Chef, the chefs thought they were going to relax with a night on the town, taking in a show at the famed Second City theater, only to be surprised when it turned out their challenge was going to be to “improv” a dish based on audience suggestion.

Oooph. Improv. OOOOOPH.

Was it just me, or did last night’s challenge reach Paradise Hotel 2 levels of over-complication. Like, they got the suggestion from the audience, and then they found out they couldn’t use any machines after they’d already gone shopping, and then they found out at the last second that they were going to have to finish the cooking at home rather than in the Top Chef kitchens. It was like the most agonizing game of Should Have Said ever.

And, as one might have expected, the “comedy” episode was pitifully low on laughs, although the dining sequence where the judges and Second City cast members tried all the food was one long that’s what she said. So many sexual double-entendres! Comedy! In the end, though, you had to hand it to Richard and Dale, who were clearly in Level 5 Conservatory.