Hancock Is Cool, Guys, He’s With Tim Riggins

I would like to apologize to the movie Hancock. While I still think it is true that your viral marketing campaign is the new dumbness, I also saw your new trailer last night on the television, and it looks good. Your lead actor, Will Smith, has a range limited to lightly comedic action adventures. But put him in a lightly comedic action adventure, and then create an Oscar for that category, and he would win the Oscar. Trailer, you guys:

More importantly, this is directed by Peter Berg. Do you know who Peter Berg is? Peter Berg is a triple-threat actor/writer/director. But you can throw away the first two threats and he still gets a Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Factory that is my heart for his work on Friday Night Lights the movie, and Friday Night Lights the television pilot. So you watch what you say about this project now, QB5.