The Office To Surprise You With Easily Anticipated Plot Twist

Over at Ain’t It Cool they have a potential SPOILER about the May 15th season finale of The Office: “My man Mike Ausiello at TV Guide says the May 15 finale will feature two Office characters getting engaged.”

Oooooh. But I think this whole Jim and Pam thing has been a red herring. It’s been moving along too smoothly with basically no obstacles. And as you know, the fundamental aspect of every romantic comedy is that the happy couple must be separated, usually for the duration of a storyline, only to be reunited at the end. Moreover, the fact that Jim started in with all this marriage nonsense right when the other major plotline concerned Michael and Jan’s break up makes me think we’re heading for a last minute reversal. And at the end of the dinner party episode, Jan was gluing the Dundie back together, hinting at a possible reconciliation, or reparation of the couple.

I’d also like to be a pussy about the whole thing and not put my money on the table and hedge my bets by pointing out that maybe the show’s writers anticipate that such a plot twist would be super obvious, and are going to go the Edgar Allen Poe’s detective C. Auguste Dupin “hidden in plain sight” route and have Jim and Pam cruise right through to the altar. I KNOW ALL THE TRICKS. There are only two tricks.*

*If Ryan and Kelly get engaged, there are three tricks.