President And Laura Bush Like/Bomb The Same Things You Do

Earlier this week George Bush appeared on Deal or No Deal to boost the morale of a soldier who was competing. Tuesday morning, Laura Bush guest hosted the Today show with some wedding tips and a charming anecdote about what’s on her iPod (mostly oldies, deathcore, and Motown.) Then last night, George and Laura Bush returned to American Idol.

Whoa. How did they manage to get on the three best shows on television? (Unscripted shows, of course, otherwise the list would be different: Two and a Half Men, Grace Under Fire [syndication], and Two and a Half Men [it’s just that good].)

Seriously, though, I feel like we’re being buttered up for something. “Hey, America, George and Laura Bush here. Hopefully in the past few days we’ve become familiar faces on your television set as guests on some of your favorite shows. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Temperance Brennan and wejustdroppedanuclearpayloadonTehran and Special Agent Seeley Booth for reminding all Americans obviouslywecanexpectsomeretaliatoryactionsfromSupremeLeaderAliKhamenei butweanticipatebeingabletokeepfalloutlevelscontainedwithinthemajorcitiesof NewYork,Washington,andLosAngeles what makes this country great. Now please enjoy the rest of Bones.”