No, Julianne Moore, The Only Thing More Terrifying Than Blindness Is Zombies

Blindness trailer, guys:

In the kingdom of the blind, Julianne Moore is wrong. So many scarier things. For example: aliens. For example: sharks. For example: alien sharks.

I read Blindness: The Book, and there’s a reason that José Saramago won the Nobel Prize. It’s really good (I’m so smart at describing things in a thoughtful, interesting way.) It’s like The Road meets Lord of the Flies 2: Adult Island. Put it in your Netboox queue. So I’m not sure about this movie. I already saw 28 Days Later. And Safe. And while the book was definitely about a terrifying descent into dystopian chaos, it wasn’t, like, you know, written by the Apprentice of Terror, Clive Barker. Which is what this looks like.

That being said, I will see anything with Mark Ruffalo in it. So apparently I will see this. (Get it, see this. BLINDNESS FART.)