College Hill: You Can’t Not Do That On Television

Last night’s episode of College Hill: Atlanta proved once again that these children should not be on television. They’re too good natured and thoughtful towards each other, and they also seem to be trying to give a good impression as if they recognize that they’re on national television. Whuuuuut? They’re basically the antitheses of what reality TV is all about. Take, for example, Dru’s sexual promiscuity and disregard for his roommate’s privacy.

No one respects his behavior, but they also do their best to be respectful of his freedom. Weird. It’s like they haven’t even been stripped of their self-respect. I don’t get it. Later in the episode, Dennis doesn’t show up to the Ludacris Foundation to help out with a charity event for needy kids, and when the roommates get back to the house and he’s not there, they debate whether or not they should call the police. When he does show up, it turns out he was at school taking care of his higher education, but he seemed genuinely upset not to have been able to help with the event and give something back to the community. Also, the chyron at the bottom of the screen advertising the show’s message board on suggested viewers discuss “how are you investing in yourself.”

Seriously, Omarosa and Brigitte Nielsen should probably stage an Intervention and get this show back on train-wreck track.