Huge Box Office Dilemma: Baby Mama Or Harold And Kumar 2?

Can you feel the excitement in the air? No, not Spring, but this weekend’s much-anticipated much-hyped comedy movie smackdown. This weekend, funny-film lovers with less than 198 minutes on their hands will face a gut-wrenching Sophie’s choice: Baby Mama and Harold And Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay are coming out. On the same weekend! After months of zero decent comedies! (Forgetting Sarah Marshall notwithstanding.) I will be seeing both, of course, but I did an informal lunchtime IM poll of fourteen friends to try get an idea of which movie is winning among people who have, in the past, been willing to give me their instant messenger usernames. Turns out, one of them is really kicking the other one’s ass:

The Breakdown: “Baby Mama or Harold And Kumar 2: one, the other, or both?”:

Kerry: Baby Mama. H&K is a renter.
Mark: Both, but leaning toward H&K.
Matt: Both, but Baby Mama for sure.
Max: Neither, but if pressed Baby Mama.
Jessica: Baby Mama
Andrew: Harold and Kumar
Aileen: Harold and Kumar
AJ: Baby Mama. The “I’m sorry I farted in your purse” line kills me.
Edith: Baby Mama!
Alex: Harold and Kumar
Stephanie: Baby Mama
Will: Baby Mama
Amrit: Baby Mama
Gabe: Neither, I might rent Baby Mama but H&K should fall into the ocean. (I don’t even know why I bothered to ask Gabe.)

Things are not boding well for ‘Roldy and ‘Mar! But maybe my friends are just self-selected huge Tina Fey fans. So here’s a poll for the self-selecting totally objective movie watchers reading this. Together, we can predict which movie will win, and which will have to take its bongs and go home. (If I might say something to tip the scales toward my guys: Baby Mama is PG-13, and Harold and Kumar 2 is totally R!):

Unless everyone is planning to see Rogue, in which case I have the Videogum audience completely wrong.