Is Young People Fucking Going To Be The New Love, Actually?

Something about this new trailer for the June 13 comedy Young People Fucking (so named to avoid mix-ups with About Schmidt) reminds me of the inexplicable new classic Love, Actually, but with (presumably) less cuddling, fewer marriage proposals, and more cunnilingus. Maybe it’s the montage of oldies or the voice-over that sums everything up in the end, but if the raves this movie got at the Toronto Film Festival are to be trusted, we could have a zeitgeist-y sleeper on our hands when this opens in June:

It’s kind of a brilliant move to bleep out “the funniest single line of any movie this year” – I honestly want to know what the dude says. That guy’s dirty-talk line is, dare I say it, the Jason Segel’s penis of Young People Fucking. And if you plan to see this movie, be careful how you tell people: “I’m going to see Young People Fucking” could end up being this year’s version of “My brother got me Knocked Up.”