Gossip Girl: A Character From A Show I Don’t Like Is Maybe Gay

I think this post is legally required to start with “OMFG,” but as far as Gossip Girl is concerned, “IDFC” is more like it (“I Don’t Fucking Care.” I really hope it catches on!). So anyway, apparently the character Eric Van Der Woodsen, Serena’s brother, is going to come out of the closet. Or so says the ageless Kelly Rutherford in this red carpet video, to US Weekly.

Being a non-carer-about-Gossip Girl (except to occasionally laugh at Ed Westwick’s scenery-chewing impression of what he thinks “sexy evil” looks like), I’m far more fascinated by whether or not Kelly Rutherford was on something when she gave this interview, because don’t actors get in major trouble for giving away plot details to reporters? Not to be cynical, but it’s almost like her publicist told her to march out there and tell everyone her son on a show with low ratings but a big gay following, is gay…

And hey look, there’s a Facebook group for Gossip Girl haters!