Update: That “Creepy Dutch Singer” Is A Popular Dutch Comedian

We all screamed and shouted “What is the meaning of this?” when we saw this clip from Dutch TV of a man seemingly all over a child performing in a singing competition. A Belgian reader named A.M. wrote in last night, explaining exactly the meaning of this:

Paul De Leeuw has been Holland’s absolute number one TV personality for 20 years. I’ll admit this looks ultra-creepy to the untrained eye, but I assure you it’s all in good spirits, it’s the most watched daytime show in The Netherlands; this was probably endlessly rehearsed and the presenter has known the little boy for years…I agree in this case your reaction might be understood, although it’s obviously unthinkable this could have been on the air without repercussions if it wasn’t a comedy bit…

Jay Leno, The Tonight Show’s host, played a clip by the Belgian group IN DE GLORIA on his show making fun of how silly these Belgians are… Jay, the joke’s on you – the piece is from a sketch show, purposely designed to look & feel like an 80’s 3rd rate late night show…

I looked up the Belgian TV clip that fooled Jay Leno, and recognized it as a clip that’s been passed around as real on the internet for years.

Host laughs at guests’ strange voices:

Glad we got that all sorted out, but it’s not very comforting to realize that I’m exactly as gullible as Jay Leno.