Human Giant’s Favorite Web Shows Should Be Your Favorite Web Shows

The Human Giant guys put the ladder down and invited a handful of the best web series to climb up out of the deep end of the internet and into the TV air (yes, I’m going with that). While it’s arguable that most smart web shows should stay on the web, where there are more smart people, and not go to TV, where if they’re very, very lucky they’ll do free TV advertising for what will become a popular web show (aka the “Circle of Life, Except In the Case of Quarterlife“), the list is called: The Web-to-TV Stars Human Giant Predict the Next Web-to-TV Stars. But really, it’s just a great list of web shows that are good on the web, free and easy to watch right now. My personal favorite featured web show from the list was The Michael Showalter Showalter. Here’s “the Show” interviewing a delightfully grumpy Paul Rudd:

Showalter’s great, but so is the entire list. TV shows for everyone!