The Bachelor: Wow, Lorenzo Lamas Is Kind Of A Dick

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was, as the show touts it, everyone’s favorite in the Bachelor cycle: the hometown dates. Beautiful Shayne Lamas took the Brit bachelor to another part of LA to meet her dad, the actor Lorenzo Lamas (who Matt the Bachelor, hilariously and unabashedly, has never heard of.) Before the meeting, Shayne explained that her mission was to show Matt that she was there to fall in love with him and not to advance her acting career. Then, Lorenzo Lamas walked into the room and said this, in front of both of them:

It surprised me that Shayne was going on The Bachelor … I think it was the idea of being on television that was very enticing to her. I mean, she wants to be a good actress but she wants to be a star more. This is the deal: this was her opportunity to be on television, I mean, come on?

And even after Shayne tells her dad and Matt this isn’t true, Lorenzo meets privately with Matt, who says he was skeptical of Shayne at first, and then Lorenzo interrupts, yelling “Of course you were! Because you knew she wanted to be an actress!”

What an underminer! With dads like these, who needs three other women clawing your eyes out for a rose? Lucky for Shayne, she made it to the final three despite Lorenzo and, um, her mom’s scary plastic surgery monster face, which it would be impolite to mention. (Long video of both of Shayne’s home visits here)