That’s Your Boyfriend: “Creepy Dutch Pedophile Singer”

“That’s Your Boyfriend” is a game that children and adult bloggers play in malls. A couple of months ago, my friend Stephanie and I brought TYB to the internet, and from time to time Gabe and I will be pointing out your boyfriend, just in case you miss him. Egalitarians, never fear, there will be “That’s Your Girlfriend”s, too. Anyway…

According to the comments on this clip from Dutch TV of a television host kissing and, there’s really no other word, fondling a singing little boy, we all have dirty minds for calling it creepy and if we just “learned Dutch” it wouldn’t be so wrong as to elicit shrieks and screams from everyone I’ve IMd it to, but I’m sad to say that this guy is definitely your boyfriend:

Seriously, try sending it around at work and see if anyone thinks it’s okay in any language. Just speaking on a personal level: what the fuck is going on there? Kind of makes The Peyote Nerd look like a catch in retrospect. You should take him back.