The Fake Housewives Of New York

OH SNAP! I pointed out yesterday that reunion shows are the worst, and tonight’s Real Housewives sit down looks like a nightmare (basically it looks like Ramona’s face.) But this preview clip in which Bethenny, my wife, takes the world’s lamest parents (I’m glad Simon is not my dad) to task for not even being rich or in high society, is great.

Ouch. I’m so glad I married Bethenny. Nice try, Alex, with the classic “we were joking” defense. I love that defense. I’m pretty sure it was invented by Hitler.

If I ever see Alex and Simon on the street, and I will because they live in a shit-hole in Brooklyn just like me, I am going to give them a dollar and tell them to spend it on food, not alcohol. Would that be funny? Not funny enough probably, right? Never mind, I will keep my dollar for myself. But I will give them a dirty look, and they’ll know. They’ll know what I think of them.