Operation Watch This: The Poundcast

You may recognize DJ Dougg Pound from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, or you might not be one of the 112 (smart) people who watches that show, in which case DJ Dougg Pound is news to you. He’s got his own awesome show, great job, on SuperDeluxe. Usually, it’s some kind of rap, but this time it’s a killer skate vid in which he totally shreds.

LOLoud, you guys. I used to be so good at the “car salesman.” Put that Powell Peralta in my hands and I’d kill a “car salesman” over in the Olga’s parking lot (not really, I was bullshit on a skateboard). Are you ready for the remix?

Related: New York City, Tim and Eric will be performing tonight at the Highline Ballroom. Word up!