Are Tina Fey And Amy Poehler The New Turner And Hooch?

In this week’s issue of the New Yorker, Anthony Lane reviews Baby Mama. With all of the press surrounding the movie, I’m surprised there wasn’t a special two-week issue devoted to it. I’m sure Hendrick Hertzberg would crush it on the geopolitical ramifications of Fey’s current media omnipresence. One thing Lane did point out, though, that’s kind of interesting is the echoes in Fey and Poehler’s relationship to another famous film couple:

Much of the film boils down to Poehler and Fey hanging out and jousting, and connoisseurs of oddness may glimpse the ghosts of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau looking on with twitches and grouches of approval.

While I’ve personally had my fill of pregnancy comedies in the past 12 months, the non-pregnancy “buddy” aspect is important. Has there ever been a mainstream contemporary buddy comedy starring two women? I guess there was Thelma and Louise. Was that funny? Did you think that was funny? Oh my God, I bet you did. I bet you love Thelma and Louise. You probably want to marry it.

But anyway, congratulations ladies. I think this is important. Seriously. You’ve broken the glass ceiling into a denigrated genre of film primarily run by frat boys and the victims of frat boys. Good job. Not, of course, that Baby Mama wouldn’t have been better with Matthau and Lemmon, may they RIP.