How I Met Your Mother: OMG Can You Believe The Thing That Happened?

If you thought, as I did, that last night’s How I Met Your Mother was spoiled by Robin Sparkles’ “Sandcastles In The Sand” “leaking” all over the internet, you got a big surprise when things took a turn for the OMFG at the very end. After Robin got her heart re-broken by a hilariously aged James Van Der Beek, she ended up (spoiler) falling into the arms of Barney, and the episode ended with a make out sesh that absolutely cannot be spun into a dream sequence next week (right?).

Not since Rachel’s strange, ratings-grab romance with Joey has a sitcom had two more unlikely characters hook up. Okay, well, some would say it was inevitable, what with all the “Aunt Robin” stuff and the fact that Barney can’t possibly stay such a two-dimensional character forever. Huge props to the maker of this YouTube tribute montage to Barney’s infatuation with Robin, who predicted it as early as Friday:

So where does the show go from here? (Other than an entire episode based on Telling Ted Mosby?) Will Barney change his ways for Robin? Will they decide it was all a mistake? And Jesus, why do I care so much?

Yes, that was Tiffany in the “Sandcastles” video. She’s on TV a lot these days.

Watch the full HIMYM episode here.