NancyGraceWatch: New Photos Of The Twins: Brad Pitt Hats And Tummy-Time

This weekend, as she frequently does, Nancy Grace took a little time off (this time from stridently browbeating anyone who dared defend the brainwashed women of the Yearning for Zion ranch, a subject on which I’m more than a little disturbed to kind of agree with Nancy Grace) to show us New Pictures Of Her Twins! Nance gives special thanks to the makers of for providing “Mommy’s Answered Prayers” onesies for Lucy and John David Linch’s first family “foe-toe.” I admire Nancy’s ability to segue seamlessly from narrating a baby slideshow (“here’s John David out for a stroll in his Brad Pitt hat”) into reporting about people who threw their kids into the dryer:

Also, I actually have the Fear of Nancy Grace in me for pointing this out, but doesn’t “John David Linch” sound kind of like a you-know-what-killer name?