New ThunderAnt: Fred Armisen And Carrie Brownstein Make The Katchenza Promise

The newest videoblog collaboration between Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein as ThunderAnt is the funniest yet. Fred and Carrie are Steven and Maggie, proprietors of a new Portland restaurant called Katchenza, which has been the subject of “hurtful” comments on online restaurant guides. Katchenza is accused of, among other things, being “a new era in food poisoning,” featuring bus boys with open stab wounds, disguising Big Macs as Kobe beef burgers, and employing a waiter who stirred a child’s drink with his penis. Steven and Maggie confront their anonymous critics face to face on their Katchenza video blog, even managing to incorporate the war in Afghanistan into their defense:

“We never claimed to be a family restaurant. Even though it says ‘family restaurant’ on the menu doesn’t mean that we think we are a family restaurant, it just means that family restaurants exist.”

You can watch the rest of ThunderAnt’s videos here. And in case it’s passed you by: Fred Armisen’s Guide To Music And SXSW 1998. You should do it.