The Many Faces Of Jim Halpert

John Krasinski’s Muppet-like face (yes, second time today I’ve compared a face to a Muppet) makes him perfect for the close-up reaction shots we need to navigate the absurdity of The Office. As the media often points out, Krasinski’s Halpert stands in for viewers as the voice of reason (as did Martin Freeman’s Tim Canterbury on the British Office.) So Jim’s many looks, ranging from smugness to bewilderment, are a natural for the “Supercut” trend – comprehensive montages from TV shows based on a theme and set (usually) to music from the 1990s. Here are two “faces of Jim Halpert” montages:

99 Faces Of Jim Halpert In 60 Seconds (Collective Soul):

Jim Halpert: Camera Faces (Gomez):

Via Fimoculous, who discovered the first one via Jim Halpert’s Twitter, which is presumably where Jim kills time when he’s supposed to be selling paper.