That’s Your Boyfriend: The Peyote Nerd

“That’s Your Boyfriend” is a game that children and adult bloggers play in malls. A couple of months ago, my friend Stephanie and I brought TYB to the internet, and from time to time Gabe and I will be pointing out your boyfriend, just in case you miss him. Egalitarians, never fear, there will be “That’s Your Girlfriend”s, too. Anyway…

So did you watch any of cable television’s fine 4/20 programming this weekend? I managed to catch a special on The History Channel called Peyote To LSD: A Psychedelic Oddyssey, and wouldn’t you know it, smack-dab in the middle of the host’s desert peyote Vision Quest, a mysterious talking head appeared, bearing more than a slight resemblance to your boyfriend. Presenting, the Peyote Nerd:

I’m not sure what a Harvard peyote expert is supposed to look like – maybe a nerdy muppet is just right. Anyway, you can see your boyfriend in the entire two-hour special when it re-runs next Saturday.