So, Who Saw Jason Segel’s Penis This Weekend?

As I was walking into the theater to see Jason Segel’s penis this weekend, a mom next to me told her pre-teen son “Remember, I’m going to cover your eyes during a few parts…” But even with three full shots of Jason Segel’s penis (from multiple angles!), the much-hyped “from the guys” comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall came in second to The Forbidden Kingdom this weekend. But surely, someone managed to snap at least a cameraphone pic? (I tried, but the glimpses were too fast for my camera trigger finger.) My personal impression: it’s a good size, and so was the movie — hilarious, but dragged on a bit with the lovey dovey stuff. If you see a screenshot online (or happened to get one), please send it to us! I’ll re-iterate: if you see Jason Segel’s penis, think of Videogum. Meanwhile, here’s Jason on Letterman Friday night, talking about how he tricked his mom and sister into seeing his wang:

Best part: when Jason’s mom sends the mass email out to family and friends defending his full frontal decision (he should send that in to Postcards From Yo Momma).

(Defamer has a whole little NSFW gallery of movie weiners here.)