Your Guide To Sunday’s 4/20 TV Programming

Sunday is 4/20, the informal national holiday of stoners (and, yes, mellow-harshingly, Hitler’s birthday). While some dedicated weed-aficionados will celebrate by playing hacky-sack at peach rallies, most will wake, bake, and stay on the couch all day chasing the DVR dragon. And don’t think the programming departments of cable channels haven’t caught on. While Comedy Central has been featuring 4/20 programming for years, even the likes of the History Channel are now getting into the act, albeit for the kind of stoner who likes to learn while he burns (um, don’t think that one is going to catch on.) Here’s your guide to the best of Sunday’s 4/20 programming, not including The Simpsons, which is on every week.

Comedy Central (10AM – 6PM)
Shaun of the Dead, Cheech and Chong’s Nice Dreams, Napoleon Dynamite, Without a Paddle, How High

The History Channel (3PM – 7PM)
4-episode marathon of Hooked: Illegal Drugs And How They Got That Way

Vh1 Classic (4PM – 8PM)
Marathon of (excellent) documentary series, The Drug Years

FX (11AM)
Dude Where’s My Car? (Okay, one movie fits, but it can’t be a coincidence!)

G4 (1PM – On)
Heavily-promoted 4/20 celebration kicks off with Half Baked, and continues with special 4/20 episodes of G4 shows such as Code Monkeys: “Dave and Jerry take a trip across America to find the meaning of 420.” They even have a trailer:

Have a great holiday! (In other 420 free advertising news: Enter to win $420 from Harold And Kumar 2!)