Morgan Spurlock’s Running Out Of Navel

I feel bad for Morgan Spurlock. His ego and navel must be sore from so much tripping and gazing. I have already admitted that it is hard for one to make that type of criticism when one’s life is spent blogging, although perhaps it’s because my own ego and navel are sore. It doesn’t make it less true! His movies are to documentaries what David Blaine is to magic: a self-involved joke. It’s not that he’s without merit, but it always starts with such an obvious premise (McDonald’s bad! Osama Bin Laden alive!), but even the obvious premise is quickly discarded for the non-premise that is watching Morgan Spurlock do stuff.

Take, for example, a quote from today’s Huffington Post interview with the director:

HP: How did your wife’s pregnancy change the focus of the film?

MORGAN SPURLOCK: The original angle was that we were basically going to go and find out why we haven’t found Osama yet, where is he, what’s the search all about. Once she got pregnant, however, it turned into a larger kind of scope. We still wanted to go on the search, but for me, with fatherhood looming, I really wanted to start to talk to people who were in my shoes, and had like-minded views that might enlighten me on parenthood.

Well, that makes sense. Who doesn’t want to tackle the intertwined problems (you can barely even tell them apart) of our nation’s failure in bringing the world’s most notorious terrorist to justice and Morgan Spurlock’s fear of fatherhood. I also like that he went around the globe in search of people with “like-minded views,” because that’s worth it. You shouldn’t just stay at home and talk to your buddies at the bar and leave us out of it.