The Best Of YouTube Is Still The Worst

This is the winning video from the YouTube, Toyota “Sketchies II” contest. Bear in mind it is worth $25,000 in cash, $15,000 worth of video equipment, and a meeting with UTA agents.

“Hahaha.” Oooph. I am pretty sure I can imagine what that meeting with UTA is going to go like.

Waverly Films: Thanks so much for meeting with us. We’re so excited to have won the “Sketchies II” contest. This is like a dream come true.
UTA: Did you bring me my latte?
Waverly Films: What? No, we’re here to meet with agents to talk about leveraging our winning sketch into some kind of development or acting deal.
UTA: Oh, I thought you were an intern.
Waverly Films: No.
UTA: Well, that sucks. I really wanted that latte.

That’s it, that’s the whole meeting. And that’s if they’re lucky and no one at UTA actually watches this.