30 Rock Returns To Glory With “The Subway Hero”

Wow. Last night’s 30 Rock was so good it was worth watching three times in a row (apparently). In an episode featuring the return of Liz Lemon’s ex Dennis “Beeper King” Duffy (played brilliantly by Dean Winters, who should be in every episode) as a “subway hero,” a Tracy Jordan dream sequence in which he’s visited by Richard Nixon and becomes a Republican, a guest appearance by Tim Conway, the exploration of Dot Com’s character, and Jack telling Liz to “save it for your iVillage blog,” it is absolutely impossible to choose just one clip. As with the best 30 Rocks, the jokes pile up so fast multiple viewings are mandatory (don’t miss the little touches, like the scrolling post-apocalyptic lower third during the subway hero press conference.) So here’s the entire episode:

Thanks. Hulu.

Also, Liz once again says “blerg.” I wonder if is taken? Of course it is.