Teen Witch Remake Can’t Top That Original

Ashley Tisdale, who was in High School Musical, which I haven’t seen but I think is a documentary about the world’s prettiest high school, is going to be starring in a remake of Teen Witch. From the Hollywood Reporter:

Tisdale, known for playing rich-girl Sharpay Evans in Disney Channel’s “HSM” franchise, is in negotiations to star in a remake of “Teen Witch” for United Artists. She also is making inroads into producing by entering negotiations for a one-year first-look producing deal with FremantleMedia North America, the company behind “American Idol,” and by executive producing an untitled mall-set show based on her life for Disney Channel.

Whoops, Hollywood. This is going to be the worst. I can already picture the scene in which Louise is studying with Brad in her room and hides all the chairs so he has to sit on the bed with her updated to appeal to kids. “Where are all the iPhones?” Lame. Also, I hope that Hollywood understands that if they do remake this movie, they’re going to be expected BY AMERICA (me) to leave this scene in completely untouched.

You cannot Top That, Hollywood. You cannot!