The Real World: Hollywood House Is Shock Corridor

Last night, season 102 of the Real World had its premiere episode. The premiere episode is really the only one of the entire season in which you are given five minutes of breathing room before everyone gets drunk and starts dancing on something/someone. Because they have to get to the house first. You can’t get drunk and start dancing on stuff in the car over to the house. Yet. I’m sure they’re working on that for the eighth decade of this show.

And, of course, the premiere episode always features the “exciting” walk-through of the new house, with obligatory gushing and squealing and room-calling of the new residents.

It looks like a movie, for sure. A movie about an INSANE PERSON. What a nightmare. It looks like it was designed by a 14-year-old stock broker who still sleeps/pees in his race car bed and lives with his parents Pee-Wee and Ikea.