Possible Excuses For Made Of Honor’s Absurd Title

Movie and TV titles that are terrible puns are nothing new, spanning the entertainment spectrum from Bosom Buddies to Grace Under Fire to New Amsterdam. They’re stupid and annoying and lazy, but usually, at least, they make some kind of sense (the buddies wore drag, the character’s name is “John Amsterdam.”) But what could be the reason for the title of the new Patrick Dempsey-starring romantic comedy Made Of Honor, about a man who suddenly decides he loves his friend after she asks him to be maid of honor in her wedding? It makes me want to punch someone in the McDreamy every time I see ads for it on the side of a bus (which is every time I look at a bus.) Here are some possible excuses that would at least make the title of this movie make some logical sense, even though it would still be an unforgivable pun:

  • Patrick Dempsey’s character is named “Tom Made”
  • Despite its fluffy rom-com premise, Made of Honor actually turns into a gripping mafia thriller, in which Patrick Dempsey pretends to be a bridesmaid in order to execute a hit and become a “made” man.
  • Patrick Dempsey’s character is in the Marines, and has a lot of honor.
  • Patrick Dempsey is actually a superhero whose superpower involves being literally “made of honor.”
  • Patrick Dempsey makes some sort of My Best Friend’s Wedding difficult genre-defying choice at the end of the movie to stop being selfish because his friend would be better off with the guy she’s marrying, thus demonstrating that he has a great deal of honor.

Something like that last one probably happens, but it’s still not okay.