The Former Casts Of The Real World Stop Being Polite And Start Getting Old

The 20th season of The Real World premiered last night, but before we get to that, it’s worthwhile to reflect back on where we’ve been (no it’s not). It’s true that when the show first aired in 1992, there wasn’t really anything like it on TV. It’s also true that the show has done nothing to keep that aura of innovation or remain interesting, unless you consider a larger supply of alcohol and uglier pop art in more uninhabitable former fart factories to be innovative or interesting. They tried to have those couple of seasons where the cast members had to start their own business or work at a radio show, but those experiments failed when they realized that the combination of 20-year-olds, gainful employment, and unlimited booze only works if the gainful employment is fucking your roommate in the shower.

Still, if you think it’s bad enough for me to try and expound on how The Real World changed our culture, just wait until you hear former cast-mates do it.

SPOILER ALERT: in case you ever thought to yourself, “I bet Puck grew up to be a bitter, delusional, sad joke of a man whose self-made role as martyr/cultural savior has rotted out his brain into a goofy shell of post-grunge anti-corporate nonsense that he stole from his lapsed subscriptions to Punk Planet and AdBusters,” you’re right.

Ugh, “The Miz.” That guy. I want Puck and “The Miz” to fight to the death on the edge of a cliff, and then whoever wins, I push off the cliff.