Prank 3:16: Finally, A Christian Version Of Punk’d!

Prank 3:16 is a Christian improv group, which is doubly “ugh” because most Christian versions of normal culture are bad (I have a lot of experience to back this up) and most improv groups are bad (which is the only reason I’m going to watch the new Real World tonight – I wanna see the bad improv group MTV made them start!)

In this video (which was included in an article on Radar, about Daniel Radosh’s excellent new book Rapture Ready: Adventures in the Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture), Prank 3:16 convinces a fan of the Left Behind series of rapture-based novels (and films starring Kirk Cameron) that the rapture has come, and that she’s been left behind:

Except they don’t, because the whole thing is clearly staged. I did get really excited when all the Christians started taking their clothes off for the prank, but then I realized they were wearing two sets of clothes. (Also, not that kind of excited.)