Citizen Marketing: Star Wars

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Whoa. This guy hates tits. He hates tits, but loves Barbara Kruger. How long did this take to make, anyway? Didn’t he get nervous that he wouldn’t finish before they stopped airing the movies? Or before New York was underwater? I like that he had already spent three days adjusting the text, and taped over Princess Leia’s mouth, and changed the line at the bottom to “sag,” and then was like, “Whoops, I can’t forget the weird tape strips crown on her head, the whole thing would be meaningless without that.”

In the end, the whole thing reminds me of a photography class I took in college. The teacher only liked work that was “political.” I got B’s and C’s throughout the semester, because I’m horrible. But this one girl glued a photo she took of her and her friends in her dorm room, glued it to a piece of wood, burned racial slurs into the wood, splattered yellow paint on it and said that it was a treatise on her experience as an Asian-American. She got an A+. This is like that. But what do I know, that girl’s piece is hanging in the MOMA now. No it’s not.

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