College Hill Doesn’t Stop Being Polite And Keeps It Real

Either Mr. Gum made a mistake hiring me, or the internet is racist, because I keep discovering TV shows that I’d never even heard of that are well into their millionth season, and I’m like, wait, whuuuuuuuuuuut? It’s probably both, incidentally. I should be fired, and the internet should go to diversity training. Anyway, College Hill, which I stumbled upon like a baby stumbles upon its face, despite its apparently long-running popularity, features a group of college students living together in a reality TV house for a semester. The thing that’s weird about the show, though, and I know I’ve only seen one episode out of all five seasons, but I couldn’t find anyone to hate. Weird. The kids all seemed pretty genuine and to actually care about each other. There isn’t even a single stripper or cutter living in the house! I don’t know how the show has lasted on the air this long. Here is a clip in which Ludacris, who I’ve learned is contractually obligated by the President of Entertainment to appear on BET every 24 minutes, pays a visit to the College Hill house.

See what I mean? You were crying, dog, you were crying at how unannoying these people seem. Clearly they should not be on TV, as that is reserved for the wretched. SIDE NOTE: I personally relate to this show because every time I am sitting in my living room I think I’m about to have a Pizza Hut delivery.