That’s Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Regis And Kelly Blowing Up Balloons With Their Noses

“That’s Your Boyfriend” is a game that children and adult bloggers play in malls. A couple of months ago, my friend Stephanie and I brought TYB to the internet, and from time to time Gabe and I will be pointing out your boyfriend, just in case you miss him. Egalitarians, never fear, there will be “That’s Your Girlfriend”s, too. Anyway…

This one is a double TYB and a That’s Your Girlfriend: on this morning’s Live With Regis and Kelly, the charming pair took a break from their coverage of the Iraq war, the election, and the economy, and had a good old fashioned blowing-up-balloons-with-their-noses contest (inspired by some kid somewhere who holds a record).

I’ve decided that Kelly is your girlfriend, because her line about her balloon being “50% moisture” is just the kind of gross thing your significant other would say.