Operation Watch This: That Mitchell And Webb Look

I’ve been enjoying the sketch comedy show That Mitchell and Webb Look for a few months now (the first and second series are currently airing on BBC America.) You don’t have to be a fan of British humor to get most of David Mitchell and Robert Webb’s comedy, much of which delightfully makes fun of Americans (or British people’s skewed views of Americans). After settling down with a Mitchell and Webb 6-episode marathon last night, I picked out three of my favorite sketches.

What to get the heroin addict in your life for Christmas:

A proper gentleman realizes he’s thirsty (okay, that sounds boring, but this sketch is absolutely pitch-perfect genius, and I don’t want to give anything away):

The magical green clarinet that makes people sing about their most embarrassing secrets:

That Mitchell and Webb Look airs frequently throughout the week, and is worth setting your DVR for. (It makes especially good late-night viewing. Ahem.)