Party On, Rabbi Mordechai Friedman

I feel like cable access, and making fun of cable access, fell out of favor after Wayne’s World basically pwned it, or whatever the equivalent of pwned was in 1993. Oh right, owned. We weren’t retarded yet. But we should probably remember what it was about the American culture of cable access that made Wayne’s World so popular in the first place (besides Tia Carrere’s singing): insane people making television for no one. For example, Judaism: The Series starring Rabbi Mordechai Friedman, who believes that in a “normal,” “law-abiding” country, people should be “IMPALED while she’s ALIVE.”

(via Joe Mande)

SCHWING! Joe is right, the phone number is the best part. JOT IT DOWN. I’m not actually sure who Rabbi Mordechai Friedman is setting back hundreds of years. Probably the Jews, but maybe not. Maybe just Queens residents. The one thing that’s for sure is that someone is getting set back hundreds of years by this wonderful show. DVR Season Pass, son!