Citizen Marketing: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Citizen Marketing is where we catalogue our favorite baby-Banksy agit-prop defacements of public advertising campaigns. Please send your own Citizen Marketing to [email protected]. THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TUMBLR’D!

You know what, maybe Sarah Marshall has her own story. Maybe she had a reason for not wanting to stay in a relationship with an emotionally stunted man-child (I haven’t actually seen the movie yet, so I’m just going off of EVERY OTHER CHARACTER JASON SEGEL HAS EVER PLAYED.) The passive-aggressive love-notes-gone-bad that have been posted around town are extremely one-sided, and I find it VERY hard to believe that Kristen Bell looks fat in any jeans she chooses to try on. I do not know about you, but I find public demonstrations of private humiliation to be the most depressing thing. Maybe when he gets back from Hawii, Peter Bretter can kill himself.

Admittedly, this is still not as good of a Citizen Marketing as the poster I saw for Vantage Point—which features a silhouette of an assassin filled in with a photo collage of all the characters—that said “SPOILER ALERT: it was this guy” with an arrow pointing to one of the guys.