The Bachelor’s Chelsea Follows The ABCs Of Sales

All Bachelor watchers know that the show follows a very specific formula. When it’s down to three girls, they each go on a fantasy date with the Bachelor and are given a special card that they choose to give to him if they want to go to the “fantasy suite” – a suite where they can spend the night together with no cameras, and presumably get to third. It’s a widely-known fact that girls who opt out of the fantasy suite almost never make it to the final two. Last night, though, with six girls left, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Chelsea went on a regular date with Matt the Brit Bachelor, and, to the shock of Bachelor-watchers everywhere, made the aggressive move of creating her own fantasy suite card in order to (italics mine) “show Matt that (she) wanted to spend that type of time with him.” The girl knows how to Always Be Closing:

Proving that Pharmaceutical Sales Reps deserve their over-representation on dating shows (seriously: is that all they do?), Chelsea’s move worked and she did make the final four. Hometown dates are for closers!