Fall Into The Generation Gap: I’m Telling

Does anyone remember the ’80s game show for kids I’m Telling? That shit was insane. It was basically the Newlyweds Game, except siblings played it? So the host, who I’m sure was a totally nice person just trying to make it into the entertainment industry and was only dressing in the molester fashions of the day, would ask children to guess how their siblings would answer personal questions, and whoever got the most correct would then get to go to this monster toy pyramid and to get the prizes, you had to pick out which toys you thought your sibling would have picked out.

Fair Enough.

But the thing that made the show so intensely creepy (read: great), was that the questions were always phrased in the most inappropriate manner possible. In this clip, Ricky and Heather are asked whether Ricky, when getting “balled out” by his mom, does he “pout and whimper like a little puppy (read: bitch),” or does he “stand there and take it like a man.”

There are not enough clips of this show on-line, YouTube Gods. More please. Thank you.

I can’t find my favorite episode of all time, which was when a nerdy boy and his nerdy sister were faced with the following questions (seriously): “Does your sister look better in a one-piece, or two-piece bathing suit?” and “What would you say is the biggest part of your sister’s body?” Amazing. For the second question he answered “brain” (true), but she said “tits” (joke) and they lost (true). They’re probably still fighting over that one every Thanksgiving.

In this clip, please note how the host does not want to give Amy and her brother Jeff a point because when asked about the harshest punishment Jeff has received, Amy answers “spanked with a belt,” but Jeff just says “spanked.” BUT WAS IT WITH A BELT? There are rules for a reason, Amy and Jeff, rules apparently even a belt has not taught you to follow.

And this one is just for laffs, but Sean Astin was on I’m Telling? Could this show be anymore the best?

Also, gross, Sean and McKenzie Astin.